USO Denver receives donated tickets to various local sports and entertainment events that we can use to provide opportunities for military families in our area to connect with the culture and life Americans and Coloradoans love.

Tickets are distributed via multiple platforms to include: Will Call, E-mail, FlashSeats Digital Tickets, Mail, FedEx, and In-Person Pickup.

If you are a currently serving military member or spouse interested in being added to our military program distribution list, please complete the form below or send us an email at

Many more people want to attend these events than we receive tickets; we understand that things happen, but in order to keep receiving tickets to keep this program going, we’ve implemented the following terms.

  2. Any unused tickets or ticket reservations cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be tracked and will result in removal from the USO’s Ticket Program for the next 12 months. a. Removal from this program will only apply to donated ticket distribution (concerts, sporting events, etc.) it does not apply to any other USO access, activities, or events.
  3. We have a limited “Waiting List” option for each event that has more than 48 hours notice for registrations. a. If someone contacts us to cancel, we will contact the first person on the waiting list, they’ll have 2 hours to respond before we contact the next person. b. Space on the “Waiting List” will be based on the total number of tickets for the event.

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