TREs Support Our Future Marines

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Our TREs (Treats Ready to Eat) Program supported 576 Future Marines from all across the Front Range and surrounding states as they had a chance to show their recruiters and a couple of drill instructors how strong they are during Recruiting Station Denver’s annual regional pool functions over the weekend. The annual regional pool functions consist of physical training, an Initial Strength Test, or IST, and a chance for poolees to meet drill instructors before they arrive at either of the recruit depots.

The TREs are packaged snack packs ready for an individual to pick up and eat throughout the day. Grab-and-go snacks may seem small, but in this case, our TREs provided a warm introduction to the USO for these new Marines and keep everyone’s energy up during physically taxing events they’re participating in. These Marines are beginning their journey through life in the military, and it is important for us as the USO to share America’s support of their choice to serve our country.

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