Volunteer Stories: How I Got Involved with The USO

I am a Marine and Navy brat and have always wanted to give back to the men and women who serve our country. I retired from an Illinois public high school in May 2018, after twenty-five years of service. I sought to volunteer and thought about things I could do for the Military. I wanted to volunteer at USO Chicago but the center was two hundred miles away and was a deterrent for me to try after retirement. Since that time, I moved to Greeley, Colorado.

The USO was my first plan of action to make my dream of volunteering in support of the military a reality in Colorado, so I emailed Maryon, the Volunteer Coordinator at USO Denver to start the process. Denver International Airport is sixty miles one way from my home, but I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to serve every time I sign up for an early Saturday morning shift or on a holiday when teachers are free.

I returned to teaching in August for middle school (6th -8th) focusing on the fundamentals of math. I experience peace, joy and gratitude every time I volunteer at the Denver USO. I’m grateful for the opportunity the USO provides me as a volunteer, allowing me to give back to others.

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