Operation: We Love Recruiters - February 2019

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Operation: We Love Recruiters began with a desire to share the love with our local recruiting stations. Three years later, we brought Valentine’s Day treats to over 100 recruiters spread throughout the Denver Metro Area. This time, chocolate roses with Valentine’s Day greetings were delivered by smiling USO Denver Volunteers.

The Operation: We Love Recruiters program is designed to connect military recruiters to the USO family. While most active duty military service members work at a military installation and have a community of their peers to rely on, those in the recruiting field only have a handful of other people in their office, and almost all are located away from military installations. We’ve designed this program to provide a smile and a “you’re not forgotten” along with a small token or treat on a regular basis.

The items themselves are relatively inconsequential compared to the interaction with the volunteers and any other special guests who stop by and visit. The items provide an icebreaker and a more substantial reason for a visit. Visits are typically no more than 10 minutes for each office to ensure we’re only offering a quick break in their day as we realize the recruiters have a job to do too.

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