Donate Tickets

USO Denver is very grateful for donations of tickets to sporting events, concerts, plays, and other cultural or educational experiences and events. We are always striving to give our military members and their families opportunities to connect with the community that they might not otherwise have the chance to experience.

Due to the nature of our program we require at least a week’s notice to be able to distribute tickets to military members and their families. Factors such as the format of ticket and location of the event may require more or less time to distribute. It is always up to the discretion of USO Denver whether a time, date, location, or event is appropriate or acceptable for our programs.

If approved we always offer the tickets up to currently serving military members and their families first. If there are only a couple of tickets and we have a lot of interested people, we do a drawing for the winner. If no one is able to use the tickets (last minute, a difficult date, challenging logistics, lack of interest) rather than have the tickets go unused, we may offer them up to retired military, our volunteers, our staff members or donors.

Tickets can mailed or shipped via FedEx or UPS to our office located at Denver International Airport (addresses below) to the attention of Gayle Melges or emailed to (Electronic tickets can be transferred to this email address from a variety of platforms including Altitude Tickets and Flash Seats). A confirmation of receipt will be delivered to donors immediately upon request. Please make sure to include your contact information and value of the tickets when you submit your donation.

Ticket donors remain anonymous to recipients, but they often write a thank you note which they can send to USO Denver to be passed along to the donor.

Address for US Mail (USPS): USO Denver Attn: Gayle Melges PO Box 492093 8400 Pena Blvd. Denver, CO 80249

Address for FedEx or UPS: USO Denver Attn: Gayle Melges 8700 Pena Blvd. Concourse A, Level 4 Denver, CO 80249