In-Kind Donations

USO Denver gladly receives budget relieving in-kind donations. In-kind donations can be items such as prepackaged snacks, bottles of water and sodas, toiletry items, or a supply needed for program support.

Hosting a drive for a particular item and donating such items would qualify as in-kind. USO Denver would be pleased to provide information on how to make your drive successful.

You can download a copy of our needs list here

Our current Needs List includes the following:

  1. Individually Wrapped Food Items: ** ** Any snacks are great, ideas include…

Dried Fruit / Raisins

Beef Jerky / Slim Jims

Granola Bars / Cereal Bars

Rice Krispies Treats

Fruit Cups / Apple Sauce

Nuts / Trail Mix

Cup of Noodles / Easy Mac Singles

Microwavable Soup Cups


* Teddy Grahams  

* Oreos 

* Chips Ahoy 

Candy / Gum

* Swedish Fish 

* Lollipops 

* Miniature Candy Bars 

* Hard Candies 

* Gummy Bears/Worms 

Crackers / Cheez-its / Pretzels

Instant Oatmeal

Chips - Lunchbox size bags

Pop Tarts

Hot Chocolate / Hot Cider Packets

2. Miscellaneous:

Chapstick / Lip balm

AA Batteries

Postage Stamps

HP 78A Black Laser Printer Toner

Teen Level Books/Novels

Magazines (Recent 3 months)

* Cars, Sports 

* Science, Technology 

* Outdoors, Four Wheeler 

Puzzle Books

* Brain Teasers 

* Crossword Puzzles  

* Sudoko Books 

* Word Search Books 

New DVDs

New Xbox 360 Games

New Xbox One Games

6-inch Paper Plates

Plastic Forks, Knives, Spoons

Snack and Sandwich zip-top bags

Beverage Size Napkins

Paper Towels

8-12oz Disposable Cups